Welcome “Positive People”…
…we tell you a little about us!

Positive People”…
…we tell you a little about us!

Officially, elementary teacher and stylist but in reality, apart from some experience in fashion, I have always been in the wonderful hotel world.
My daughter, whom I adore, reminded me to look at the world with ever new enthusiasm, as only children can do.

“Because the important things in life are not things”

I love the sensations that the sea gives me, I like to feel it “breathe”, I regenerate myself by looking at it and listening to it from our wonderful terrace … .. it’s a unique emotion!
It is wonderful to be able to transmit this peace and this vision of life to you, I see you arrive tired and worried, then I see you leave smiling and with a different light in your eyes.
I love my job!

the “prankster” of the Torri family, super optimist who “holds the bank” (directly from the Romagna dialect> entertain).
Graduated from the OSFIN of Rimini as a tourist guide, I have always loved knowing languages and traveling, this gave me the time to meet people with tastes and needs different from mine and this allowed me to understand that, although each of us has different priorities on vacation, all seek, in addition to clean sheets, “LIGHTNESS AND HAPPINESS”. What better way to express my “being” than to seize the opportunity to work in the family hotel?

“Because the magic of happiness takes a pinch of madness”

This passion began when we were still so small that,
to offer a drink at the bar, we had to climb onto a water box …
…other times!!!

We focus on something of inestimable value:
the Positive Vibes!

How many of you are looking for a restful and regenerating holiday, where the goal is “how do you make me feel” and not simply “what do you offer me?”

Then you are the Positive People we are waiting for to offer you a new idea of a holiday that focuses on the person.

This is what you will find by entering our Hotel Embassy in Valverde di Cesenatico, a small hamlet a few meters from the beating heart of the Romagna nightlife, to experience a new concept of holiday that not only wants to relax and give new energy to the body, but above all to leave “Value” for when you return home, to work, to the usual daily routine.

Hotel Embassy is the only hotel in Valverde di Cesenatico for those we like to define “positive experiencers” who are looking for a pure relaxing and regenerating holiday experience seen through the eyes of a “holiday to feel good” and not as “the last holiday of one’s life “.

Now we ask you to use your imagination (just for now) and imagine…

You are on a wonderful terrace, on the top floor, you are having a drink … in front of you the BLUE, the sea with its colors and its scents, the horizon and breathtaking sunsets, if you turn your gaze you are immersed in nature, ponds, shaded paths, paths for jogging and relaxation areas, is the large Parco di Levante, see the children looking happy and “enchanted” at the beautiful colored Peacocks, the turtles and the bunnies that run free in the green … look down now, look down, you are struck by the blue of the heated swimming pool and the mosaics of the massage beds immersed in hot water…

And now tell us… do you feel the Positive Vibes of the Embassy Hotel?
“Beautiful things are not just “things”, but emotions”

We are waiting for you at the Embassy Hotel, in the joyful Valverde di Cesenatico to experience a new concept of holiday that is not only “the classic Romagna holiday” but wants to recharge you with joy, energy and value …

Going out on foot you will find yourself on the “Promenade of the seafront”, 7 km long where you can go shopping or have a drink listening to music in the numerous clubs in the area or even taste the Piadina Romagnola in one of the typical colorful kiosks, entertain small children and bigger in the playground a few steps from the Hotel, but above all … rediscover, with us, your positive energies .

Because when the holiday ends … the emotions remain ♥ ♥ ♥